7 Weakest Pokémon From All Time

The Pokémon world is full of strong and weak Pokémon characters. If you are into Pokémon Go and Pokémon games, you have to avoid the weak Pokémon from featuring in your team. If a Pokémon is not strong and there are no other attributes available to compensate for the physical weakness, you should avoid them at all costs.

But before you can eliminate it, you should be aware of the weak Pokémon characters, and here is the list of the top seven weakest Pokémon of all time.

List of Weakest Pokemons

1) Geodude

The weakest Pokémon title goes to Geodude. By its physical appearance, you can understand why it is the weakest though its facial expression tries to hide its weaknesses. At times, the weakest person throws the biggest tantrum, and you can associate the same setup for this Pokémon.

If you end up having it in your team, you can be sure that you will never win any battle. It has weak defense and slow speed to add further to its weakness.

2) Wimpod

There are times when you can say just by seeing a Pokémon character how weak it is. By the look of it, it should have been the weakest Pokémon of all time.

You will find it near the beach, and it does not even try to draw attention. It is more like leeches, except that it has to intent to attack. Just because it has some speed to escape attack, it is not the weakest of them all.

3) Metapod

If there is a category to award good for nothing, Metapod should feature the list instantly. The shape of Metapod disables it to do anything as such which makes it weak as hell. Even its sister spice called Kakuna is quite incapable on various fronts. The stats are Metapod underwhelming, and hence, it is a terrible Pokémon to have on your team. 

4) Igglybuff

This belongs to the category of cute but useless. This is more of a baby Pokémon, and naturally, it has the weakest stats among its peers. The move set is also restricted, and hence, you cannot perform some quick moves and defend it properly.

If you want something cute, you can have it in your team, but you should know that it is the weakest baby Pokémon available. 

5) Slakoth

More than weak, it is super lazy, and naturally, its stats have fallen to the weak category. It can have a demoralizing effect on the entire team. Many can argue that you cannot expect anything more from a sloth-based Pokémon, but its defense is equally bad.

There is hardly any move set to be excited about. It is basically a pitiful creature that you will always regret to have on your list.

6) Sunkern

Sunkern comes with one of the lowest stats across all the parameters. These good-to-do-nothing Pokémon stats have not improved over the years. It is not the weakest because it has some grass-based moves. Besides, it can grind somewhat rather than just giving up on the battlefield.

However, it is still not worth having it on your team when you are facing a relatively strong opponent. 

7) Unown

The most minimalist Pokémon has to be Unown. The reason why it is not the weakest of them all is because of its Hidden Power. However, the hidden power is not that effective even against a medium strong opponent. It is only worth a party trick only and it is only becoming irrelevant with the passage of time.

The appearance of the Pokémon is a joke, and if your opponent has a weak team with weak Pokémon, there are chances that they can defeat your team when you have the weakest ones.


We have listed these weakest Pokémon of all time based on stats though there are many weakest looking Pokémon characters available.

If you want to win every game and that too from the very beginning, you should not feature the weakest Pokémon in your team. Even when you do not have the strongest ones, you should not have the weakest ones. 

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