8 Lazy And Cute Pokemons Of All Time

The two main aspects of any Pokémon are power and cuteness. The reason why Pokemon is so popular is not due to the strength of characters but due to the cuteness. But you should not be lost in the cuteness of Pokemon characters because the main aim of the Pokemon game is to win battles.

That is why you should know which Pokemons are cute but lazy and here is the list of the top 8 lazy and cute Pokemons of all time. 

 Lazy And Cute Pokemons

  1. Luvdisc

Luvdisc prefers living in the warm sea. It is blessed with eternal love and has a heart-shaped structure. The Pokémon has a flat body and is primarily light pink. Luvdisc is a fish-like Pokémon that prefers nesting in the coral reefs.

It is believed that when two Luvdiscs kiss, they are able to fly for short periods due to their slender bodies. Luvdisc has a natural predator as Pelipper. During the spring season, it can turn the ocean surface into pink by gathering in groups.

  1. Dedenne

The sneaking habit of Dedenne makes it a lazy Pokémon. It prefers stealing electricity from other outlets and can generate electricity on its own. Dedenne comes with wide upper whiskers that work as antennas. The bipedal rodent-like Pokémon has a round body and it can receive and send electrical waves.

Dedenne has pale yellow interiors on the round black ears. It features a circular cheek that has dark orange marking as well as two black whiskers. This makes it have a cute look. The best thing about this Pokémon is that it can share and sense locations of electricity and food over great distances.

  1. Musharna

What makes Musharna feature in the list of lazy Pokémon is that it dreams and drowses all the time. However, it can give a terrible grump when it wakes from sleep. Musharna is a bipedal Pokémon and the dreams can appear in the form of mist.

It is round and has a light purple body which features three eyelashes along with red oval eyes. Even the tips of the stubby limbs are in dark pink. The mist in the forehead can create different shapes due to the dreams it has consumed. Musharna is also called a ‘Drowsing Pokémon’ and it is best to leave it asleep.

  1. Slowpoke

Slowpoke is a cross between a hippopotamus and a salamander. It has a dim intellect and forgets what it is doing. Often, it can take a long time for responding to anything. Even while processing pain, it can take a minimum of five seconds. This Pokémon prefers to live on the water’s edge.

Slowpoke likes to relax on the river banks and seashore without any care. At times, it gives the sharp look when it is about to think something. Slowpoke is a pink Pokémon and has curled ears. It uses the tail for fishing and is incredibly slow and sluggish.

  1. Eevee

This mammalian Pokémon has a bushy tail and a large furry collar. The short and slender legs along with a pink paw pad on the foot give it a cute appearance. You will really see it in the wild and prefers to live in towns and cities. One of the best things about Eevee is that it can easily adapt to different environments.

Even though it may be one of the cutest Pokémon, Eevee gets confused easily. It is lazy but has a determination to work hard. Eevee also has dark brown interiors along with long pointed ears. Despite being very lazy, it can perform various tricks.

  1. Komala

Komala is a normal type Pokémon and has an appearance similar to a koala. The light orange fur gives it an attractive look. Komala also features large and rounded ears. It also has a short fluffy tail and usually holds a short wooden log.

Despite its cute appearance, it prefers to sleep from birth to death. This is primarily due to the sedative properties in the diet of Komala. However, it can easily eat and travel even without waking. For now, nobody has seen it awake. It doesn’t matter if the Pokémon is lazy, as it has medicinal saliva.

  1. Seel

With its bluish-white fur, Seel has a cute appearance. Seel also features a large red tongue along with a pale tan maw. It looks even cuter while closing the circular eyes and black nose when swimming. The Pokémon has the advantage of swimming in cold water due to its thick fur.

However, it prefers to sleep during the daytime and struggles while moving on dry land. It feels better when it is cold. As the name depicts, it has a close appearance to that of a seal. It is highly adorable and looks like a waterspout when it raises the tail.

  1. Snorlax

Snorlax is a very lazy Pokémon. It just likes to eat and sleep. Snorlax will eat anything without the worry of having an upset stomach. It is a type of pocket monster and is also called “Sleeping Pokémon”. Previously, it was known to be the heaviest ever Pokémon as it weighs more than 1,000 pounds.

One can easily find Snorlax sleeping in any location. It has a body composed of a belly, while the limbs are very small. Snorlax has a large head with small pointed ears. Even though it is very lazy, it is undoubtedly one of the cutest Pokémon ever. 


The definition of cuteness differs from one person to another. Therefore, our list of lazy and cute Pokemons may not be in sync with your perception of lazy and cute Pokemons. However, the ones we have chosen are rather universal choices and the stats verify their laziness. Do let us know your list and how many do we have in common.

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