Best & Powerful Pokémon fusions of all time

In the Pokemon world, it is all about how powerful Pokemons you have that can win you the battle. There are hundreds of Pokemons available for the artists to come up with fusions to make Pokemons faster and stronger. Different gamers and artists have come up with some exceptional Pokemon fusions, and we have picked the best & powerful Pokemon fusions of all time.

1) Charder

Type: Tough

When there is a union between Charmeleon and Shellder, Charder is formed. It is a type of tough Pokemon, and the signature move is “Chards Harder”. Charder has a clam face depicting the look of a reptile without any limbs.

It also features coral-encrusted skin which is hard and has eons floating. Even though it cannot find, it is still undefeatable. Colloquially, it is called charding as it is a state of ultimate equilibrium.

2) Pikawak

Type: Hair Static

Pikawak is a hair-static type Pokemon. The signature move is “Thunder boop” and it is a perfect blend of Pikachu and Marowak. Pikawak hides in the shadows and can generate its own electricity. When there are unsuspected victims, it taps them on the forearm. It can rub its tiny feet on the carpet to strike the victims. It is a perfect combination of Pikachu and Marowak.

3) Slowmar

Type: Candle

Slowmar is a candle-type Pokemon. It is a fusion of Slowbro and Magmar. Even though it is not the fastest Pokemon, it features a burning fire tail. Slowmar has a desire to show off the flowing red sleeves. If it happens to catch anyone while taking a nap under a tree, it can light a fire with its outfit. The signature move of Slowmar is “Slow-cook in an Instant Pot”.

4) Clefdrill

Type: Cherub moon baby

Clefdrill lives on the moon but can follow anyone thoroughly. The main motive is to embarrass you in public. It is a Cherub moon baby type Pokemon, and the signature move is “Spin me right round”. Clefdrill is a form of an insect that has an alien toddler face that will never stop smiling.

This gives it a haunting appearance. Clefdrill is of collaboration of Clefable and Beedrill. Most Pokemon lovers consider it to be the cutest fusions of all time.

5) Butterdude

Type: Bud Platinum 

Butterdude can punch your square with its inexplicable anti-gravity technology. The bud light platinum-type Pokemon has a signature move called “Riding a boosted board in the bike lane”. Butterdude is a blend of Butterfree and Geodude.

Despite not making you feel anything, it can fight you over in the most savage way. Even though it is rather small in comparison but there is no dearth of power and speed.

6) Maqueen

Type: Beyonce

The Beyonce-type Pokemon has a signature move called “Going off”. Maqueen is very popular on Twitter who can voice unsavory opinions about any quality writing.

It is a popular character that is a blend of Machoke and Nidoqueen. It is one of the most colorful fusions that are daring at the same time cute. 

7) Mr. Wrath

Type: Average Male

Even though Mr. Wrath has a round appearance like a strawberry, it comes with a disaffected expression. It has a hidden unrelenting fury and features gloved fists. Mr. Wrath is involved in regulated street combat and is an Average male type Pokemon.

It is a cross-breeding of Mr. Mime and Poliwrath, and the signature move is “Toxic masculinity”. It is one of the most daring fusions you can come across. 

8) Weepinduo

Type: Identity Disorder

Weepinduo is the only fusion Pokemon that has been immortalized in internet history. It is a disassociative identity disorder type Pokemon and is a true icon. Being a perfect mix of Weepinbell and Doduo Read More, it has heavy sadness borne from your struggles due to the shadow of his brother.

The other half has the brink of extinction as it is the last of its kind. The signature move of Weepinduo is “Being strong for mother”. There is no doubt that it is the most popular and powerful fusion of all time.


These are the most popular and powerful fusions of all time. There are various online websites available to combine different types of Pokemons and come up with your own fusion.

Can you build a Pokemon stronger than the ones we have listed for you? There is no doubt that creating fusions is fun and every Pokemon lover should try it out to create their own set of fusions.

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