10 Best Pokemon Tattoo Designs With Meanings

If you are an anime lover and you like to get tattoos on your body, there is no better way to prove your loyalty to Pokémon series than getting on Pokémon tattoo designs on your body. There is no dearth of characters in Pokémon series, and the chances are high that you still play Pokémon games.

With the release of Pokémon Go, the demand for getting Pokémon tattoos is blowing off the roof. Starting from individual Pokémon to Pokémon based designs, there are so many different types of eye-catching and meaningful tattoos possible. Here is the list of the top 10 best Pokémon tattoo designs with their meaning.

  1. Badass Pokémon

The most popular Pokémon tattoo designs belong to the badass Pokémon. There are a few badass Pokémon characters available that have attitude, and they deliver when needed rather than just showing off.

This is going to be a reflection of your character and what you want people to consider you. These badass Pokémon designs are suitable for any part of your body. 

  1. Ghost Pokémon

There are many who prefer dark and mystic characters and get them inked on their skin. There is no darker character on Pokémon than Ghost or Haunted. The meaning behind the design is to showcase that you can differ from others and there is a thought-provoking side in you that you need to explore some time. 

  1. Floral Pokémon

There are many who love to do floral tattoos on their bodies because of their love for flowers as well as the different colour options they get. Instead of just flowers, you can add your favourite Pokémon in the mix, and the colour scheme will be more vibrant, and the tattoo will be more complete.

Floral designs are more popular among women as flowers are considered to be feminine. Therefore, you can bring out the strong feminist in you with your favourite Pokémon to fight with the rest of the world.

  1. Multi-Shade Pokémon 

There is probably not a better Pokémon tattoo design than a multi-shade Pokémon. You get to see the different Pokémons at the same time.

The colour scheme is going to be off the charts and you can be sure that others will be jealous of your tattoo design. It represents the multiple shades of a human character. 

  1. Water-Colour Pokémon 

There is an increasing demand for water-coloured Pokémon tattoo designs because beautiful blue colour with other dark shades look vibrant and catches the eye instantly.

Water reminds you to be calm and composed in all scenarios and avoid confrontation. The colours also recommend you to be colourful and cheerful in life. 

  1. Charizard Pokémon 

If you are thinking of getting tattooed on your legs, there is no better Pokémon tattoo available than Charizard Pokémon. This is because you need a long design on your leg to cover considerable length so that the tattoo design can be attractive. Charizard is more like a dragon, and hence, it covers the area lengthwise.

There are beautiful colour combinations possible. It resembles power and be badass when the situation demands it.

  1. Black and White Pokémon

There is a huge trend of getting black and white tattoos on the body, and they look more like outlines. This is because some people do not like their bodies to get coloured which fades away with time. With black and white tattoos, they can always remove the tattoos easily in the future.

If you are getting a black and white Pokémon tattoo, you should get your favourite Pokémon that has a variety of tattoo designs. Black and white combination reminds you of living your life clean and rooted to the ground.

  1. Pikachu

Pikachu happens to be the most favourite as well as colourful Pokémon. Girls prefer Pikachu tattoos on their bodies a lot more than men, mainly because of the colour scheme.

There are beautiful variations of Pikachu tattoo designs possible which make them even more interesting to get inked. The meaning behind this tattoo is a reminder of your childhood of fun and happiness.

  1. Pokémon Sleeve

If you are looking to get a colourful tattoo sleeve on your body, there is no better option than going for a Pokémon tattoo sleeve. The main subject of the design should be based on a battle scene whereby multiple Pokémon should be present, and you get to choose your favourite Pokémon to showcase.

The colour scheme should be aggressive so that it looks as intense as a battlefield. It tells the perfect story of the entire Pokémon series, whereby you have to fight your demon to live well every day.

  1. Pokémon Ball

The simplest Pokémon tattoo you can get on your body is a Pokémon ball. There are beautiful colour combinations available to make the tattoo stand out instantly. There are modified versions of Pokémon ball tattoo are available whereby instead of the simple Pokémon ball, there could be your favourite Pokémon bursting out of the ball.

You already know the meaning behind this as Pokémon ball is the heart of Pokémon battles.


These are our top 10 best Pokémon tattoo designs that are most popular in the market. Whenever you get a tattoo, you must make sure that there is a meaning behind it so that you love the tattoo all your life. If you are a true Pokémon lover and you love to get tattoos on your body, show your tattoo artists one from these tattoo designs and get yourself inked. 

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