Top 5 Best Bear Pokemons of all time – Our Favourite

Most of the Pokémon are inspired by animals, and therefore, you will find a lot of similarities of Pokémon with animals in terms of shape and attributes. Pokémon is all about strength, and therefore, Pokémon based on the bear are widely popular across every Pokémon game.

They are called Bear Pokémon, and there are some really memorable and popular bear Pokémon that have appeared again and again on popular demand. Here is the list of the top 5 bear Pokémon you must be aware of.

Best Bear Pokemons

5) Pangoro

Among bear Pokémon, it is safe to say that Pangoro is the most intimidating. Pangoro is bigger and stronger than most Pokémon. People call it to be the elder brother of Pancham as there are certain similarities such as carrying a leaf in the mouth for showcasing attitude. Pangoro is designed to fight the war and that is why the physical features of Pangoro are the most prominent.

If you are looking for a bear Pokémon that can fight for you, Pangoro is an easy choice. While it is super strong, it does not pick up unnecessary fights. But it does not tolerate anyone who disturbs the weak Pokémon. Therefore, it acts like an elder brother to protect the younglings. 

4) Beartic

Beartic is the next level of Cubchoo. This is more of a polar bear going by its appearance. There is no doubt that Beartic is one of the most powerful Pokémon to have on the team. Beartic was not featured quite as often as most bear Pokémon but its special appearances make it super special. Thanks to its huge paws and spear-like head, Beartic is very intimidating to look at.

The reason for its color to be white is because it lives in icy ridges of mountains. Due to living under hard conditions, the Pokémon is strong enough to take hits and yet stay strong to fight back. In terms of pace, the Pokémon is not impressive but if you need a Pokémon to stand in the front line of a battle Beartic should be in your team.

3) Pancham

Pancham is especially popular for its swag. It is a perfect combination of Panda and Bear. Pancham is quite straightforward, and the attitude it portrays on the screen shows no-nonsense. Starting from constantly holding a leaf in the mouth to changing of vibrant facing expressions, there is no match for Pancham as far as its swag and attitude go.

Pancham is always monitored by a stronger Pangoro, and the leaf in its mouth is taken away whenever Pancham makes a mistake. Pancham pretends to be intense and showcase an intimidating appearance, but it is quite adorable. In a fight, Pancham makes a later entry to give the final blow.

2) Bewear

This is the next level Stufful as a Stufful becomes a Bewear when it reaches level 27. Many consider Bewear to be more useful to have in a team because of its size and effective blows. It is a perfect combination of strength as well as cuteness. The physical appearance is strong and tough and the bigger paws deliver stronger blows in fights.

In fact, it is among the most powerful Pokémon. It has several power moves to deal with opponents quickly. The power level is off the charts and the accuracy level is 100%. As a matter of fact, it falls under Superpower Pokémon. In spite of undeniable power, it is super cute in its overall appearance. 

1) Stufful

Stufful is the most popular and cutest bear Pokémon. It represents a female bear cub, and that is why it is also the most adorable. Keeping aside the cute look, it can throw a strong fight. There are enough fighting attributes in Stufful, and it is always a fan favorite bear Pokémon. The evolve level is not as high as another bear Pokémon, but it clearly stands out in the minds of Pokémon lovers.

Stufful has powerful moves, and it is known for high-speed attacks. If you are looking for a hit-and-run Pokémon, Stufful is a great choice. It will not devalue your team as it can defend itself well enough and compete with the best ones. Besides, it has a special organ to communicate with others which is essential for a team player.


There are the most popular and adorable bear Pokémon that you should have on your team for a perfect combination of strength and intimidating. Do let us know your favorite bear Pokémon and explain how your bear Pokémon is better than the ones we have picked for you to go through.

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