8 Pokemon Fusions That The Fans Will Love

Pokemon is one of the most popular franchises on the planet. Be it the animated series, video games, manga, or card games, we all have been thrilled by these wonderful creatures at one point. There are more than 800 different pokemon and not all of them have appeared on TV.

One of the most creative ways by which pokemon fans are spending time is through fusion. Artists are combining two different pokemon together to create a new pokemon that looks completely unique.

There is also a website called Pokemon Fusion Generator where you can simply type in two pokemon and see them fuse together. You can also view the evolutions of the newly fused pokemon. In this guide, we will be looking at some of the most popular pokemon fusions out there. Some of these ought to not make any sense yet they look super cool. Read on to find out more.

1) Exeggto

Exeggutor is a grass-like Pokemon with 3 heads while Ditto is a pokemon with a unique ability to breed with any kind of pokemon. Ditto has a purple blob-like design. The fusion of these two would result in an Exeggto. It does look somewhat like scrambled eggs on a table. However, there have also been other designs where the users have depicted it like the sun rising from a cloud.

2) Charislash

Charizard is one of the most iconic pokemon out there. Anybody who has watched the anime would be familiar with it. Even its other forms like Charmander and Charmeleon are immensely popular. Now imagine how it would look when combined with Aegislash. Aegislash is a ghost-type pokemon and has two different forms-Shield and Blade.

The resulting pokemon has the body of Charizard with super cool armor on the shoulders and the chest. The wings are purple in color and it has a sword in its hands. It is undoubtedly one of the slickest looking fusions out there.

3) Queen Gardevoir

This pokemon is the result of the fusion of 3 different pokemon-Mega Gardevoir, Serperior, and female Jellicent. The fusion is one that exudes royalty and elegance. In fact, we would call it one of the best-looking pokemon fusions out there. This fusion is known by the name “Queen”. 

The body is that of the Mega Gardevoir and has the red chest piece and the dress. The purple hues are incorporated from the female Jellicent as well as the eyelashes and the crown. 

4) Charmlord

Charmlord is a very interesting-looking pokemon obtained from the fusion of Charmeleon and Wailord. Wailord is one of the largest pokemon in the pokemon universe and its immense size is a reason for its popularity. Charmlord has the body and shape of a Wailord while the color, eyes, and tail with fire is derived from Charmeleon.

The design was sketched by a Twitter user called KoniraThax. We must admit that it looks way better than how we imagined it in our heads. 

5) Slowmar

Slowmar is the combination of Slowbro and Magmar. Slowbro is a water-type pokemon and it is quite slow. Magmar is a fire-type pokemon with a flame body. Slowmar on the other hand is quite slow but has a tail of fire just like Magmar.

The face is identical to that of Slowbro while the body is more like Magmar. It has a relaxed nature but has a devastating attack where it can light the opponent on fire in a matter of seconds. Slowmar is a candle-type pokemon.

6) Exploud and Oddish

Exploud and Oddish are two funny-looking combinations of Oddploud and Exish. Both of these fusion forms look completely different and were created by the Twitter user CynfulArts. Oddploud has black skin with projections emerging from its body. Exish on the other hand is quite small and has a round body with yellow leaves on the head.

Exploud has the body shape of Oddploud while having the color combination of Exish. Oddish on the other hand has the size and body of Exish while having dark skin like Oddploud. 

7) Pikawak

A fusion list without Pikachu is incomplete and Pikawak is a very amusing combination of Pikachu and Marowak. It operates stealthily, hiding in the dark using its electricity. It has a signature move called the Thunder Boop.

Machamp and Swampert Fusion

Machamp is a large 4 armed pokemon while Swampert is a water-type pokemon which is a physical monster. Combine these two and you get one of the strongest pokemon fusions out there. There are 4 arms like Machamp but the color and face resemble Swampert. 


There are many more cool fusions out there that we couldn’t include in the list. If you have some ideas, you can visit the Pokemon Fusion Generator Website and unleash your creativity. For any queries regarding the content, do write to us.   

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