It all began in 2009 with Governor Lynch’s Task Force for the recruitment and retention of a young workforce for New Hampshire. The initiative became known as Stay Work Play and their mission was to keep young people within the Granite State and to educate them on the numerous opportunities available to them. With its growth, came the development of additional networks throughout the State.

The Lakes Region group became known as the Lakes Region Young Professionals Network and served as a committee under the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce. In the time that followed, the group found a place within the community in which business, education and philanthropy could be mixed, thus creating a network of passionate individuals that are committed to creating and cultivating the Lakes Region community. This led the group from being a committee under the Chamber to its own organization with a new mission.

With the support of Epiphanies Inc., the Lakes Region Young Professionals Network went through a re-branding process. It wasn’t about having a new name; it was about leading with the pioneering vision that the individuals had for this newly formed organization. The vision for the next generation.

And so, Fusion was born.